The Citadel War Memorial

"Duty Done, They Rest, So

We May Live Free"

We can all give some to honor those who gave all.

Citadel War Memorial


The fundraising efforts we undertake this year will help build and maintain the most important project on The Citadel's campus in our lifetimes.

Citadel War Memorial

Honor. Duty. Respect.

Over 430 Citadel Alumni have given their lives in service to our country. This memorial design is one of remembrance, reverence, and reflection.

Citadel War Memorial


We simply cannot raise $100,000 without record-breaking participation. We need you to pitch in.

Citadel War Memorial

Share the Sacrifice to Honor Them.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." - John F. Kennedy

We are months from our 10 year reunion and many of you have already stepped up in a big way for our Alma Mater. If you have already given, on behalf of the entire reunion committee, Thank You.

As many of you know the Class of '67 is spearheading an effort to create a War Memorial on campus. The monument will be dedicated in 2017 to coincide with The Citadel's 175th anniversary. The $1,000,000+ overall project cost will support both construction as well as the creation of an endowment to maintain the memorial’s upkeep in perpetuity.

Given the cost, the project has been opened to "class sponsoring" from any class willing to pitch in. A class that contributes $100,000 to the project will be recognized at dedication and the memorial will be engraved with the class year (in an out of the way corner that does not detract from the memorial's overall message).

After several discussions on the class Facebook page, we have decided to make the memorial our primary goal for the remainder of our reunion campaign. (You may notice we have changed our donation page to make "The Citadel War Memorial" our default designation online).To see a fundraising effort of this magnitude to fruition, we will need every single classmate to chip in. $100,000 is a big pricetag, but it may be the most worthwhile financial contribution our class can make to The Citadel in our lifetimes. And it is the very least we do to honor these men.

Generations of future cadets, Citadel families, and alumni like you will stop to pause and reflect on the unthinkable sacrifice over 430 Citadel men have made for their country. At future reunions, when you take your children and - someday, grandchildren - back to your old stomping grounds, you will be able to proudly point to the monument and say, "I was a part of this. What this memorial stands for is important to me."

We need your help. Please donate what you can and join us in honoring them.


About The Citadel War Memorial

The video below will visually walk you through what the memorial will look like, why it is being placed near the Thomas Dry Howie Carillon and some first-person accounts on it's importance from fellow graduates.

Overhead view of The Citadel War Memorial

Why this Memorial Matters

John Daly Citadel 2003

John Daly

Mike, '03

"The memorial would serve two great purposes: a place for alumni to remember our fallen, and also a place to inspire Cadets with the courage of those who were willing to suffer if need be for something much larger than themselves or our beloved Citadel."

JT Marbury Citadel 2003

JT Marbury


"This is important to all of us because we cannot forget those who have sacrificed their tomorrows so that we may have our today."

Will Murray Citadel 2003

Will Murray


"This memorial is an important physical and lasting reminder of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, which family, friends and future generations can pay homage to and it may encourage us all to live out our lives like we earned it."

Randy Wolfe Citadel 2003

Randy Wolfe


"The War Memorial will be a solemn reminder of how high the cost of freedom is for our great country. The Long Gray Line has had many who have paid that ultimate cost. This will honor those brave souls, and forever immortalize them for generations to come."


Fallen Alumni in the Global War on Terror

  • Aaron Wittman
  • Ryan Rawl
  • Ryan Hall
  • Jonathan Taylor
  • Brian Mescall
  • Warren Frank
  • Joshua Booth
  • Almar Fitzgerald
  • Arsenio Domingo
  • Robert Derenda
  • Dan Malcom
  • Timothy Creager
  • Daniel Eggers
  • Christopher Kenny
  • Chad Buehring
  • Peter Ober
  •  Benjamin Sammis
  • Shane Childers
  • Shane Childers